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Printers Row

Printers Row - or, officially Printing House Row Historic District, was once the heart of Chicago's printing business. Those companies moved out long ago, but many of the massive buildings that housed ...

University of Chicago

Located on Chicago's South Side, the campus of University of Chicago is an architectural delight, with both historic neo-Gothic and modern buildings. There are also some interesting museums on ...

Chicago Temple

The largest church building in the world, Chicago's Temple church houses the oldest United Methodist congregation (a protestant church) in the city.

Federal Center

Often called "a study in geometric perfection", Chicago's Federal Center houses many of the city's important government agencies.

Fisher Building

Inspired by the Gothic cathedrals of Europe, Chicago's Fisher Building was one of the city's earliest skyscrapers and is a wonderful example of the Chicago School of ...

860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments

One of the most innovative buildings in Chicago are the 860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments, two glass and steel towers at Chicago's Gold Coast.

Prairie Avenue Historic District

Often dubbed Chicago's "original Gold Coast", the area known as the Prairie Avenue Historic District was once "the" place to live in Chicago. Having an address here meant that you were ...

Auditorium Building

One of the buildings bordering Grant Park is the magnificent Auditorium Building, designed by Adler and Sullivan in 1889. This building among others defined 'Michigan Cliff', a range of high-rise buildings ...

City Hall

Chicago's city hall takes up one half of a monumental early 20th century structure that occupies a whole city block in the city's central Loop district. The other half of the building houses administrative ...

Dearborn Street Station

Standing as a symbol of 19th and 20th century America's burgeoning railroad industry, Dearborn Street Station was the first of Chicago's grand downtown stations.
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