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Oak Street Beach

Who says you can't enjoy a day at the beach... right in the middle of Chicago!

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool Gardens

Located near the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool Gardens has long been a thriving sanctuary for both people and wildlife.

Robie House

Robie House is one of the most famous residences in the world. The house is the culmination of the Prairie Style, a local Chicago style that was mostly defined by its most renowned proponent, Frank Lloyd ...

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is Chicago's largest park, covering an area of about 1200 acres (486 ha) just north of the city's downtown area.

James R Thompson Center

In Chicago's North Loop sits one of the city's many architectural attractions: the James R. Thompson Center; a controversial, award-winning building that houses governmental ...


Plans to develop the banks of the Chicago River into a public walkway were already created at the beginning of the 20th century but they only started to materialize almost 100 years ...

333 Wacker Drive

The completion of 333 Wacker Drive in 1983 gave Chicago one of its first and most acclaimed postmodern skyscrapers.

Marina City

Marina city is a complex of two cylindrical towers near the Chicago River. Due to their unique shape, the towers are locally known as the 'corn cobs'.

Lake Point Tower

Lake Point Tower is one of Chicago's unique skyscrapers. Its distinct shape and location make it a remarkable landmark.

Michigan Avenue Bridge

First opened to traffic in 1920, the beautiful Michigan Avenue Bridge connects Chicago's north and south and accommodates thousands of cars and foot passengers each ...
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